The dress standard requirements for the Casino at SKYCITY Darwin, is neat and tidy attire (including proper footwear).  An appropriate level of personal hygiene will be adhered to at all times.  The level of appropriate attire and standard of personal hygiene will be determined by SKYCITY Darwin Security Personnel.


• Clothing with obscene or offensive slogans or pictures.

• No beachwear or swimsuits.

• Unpleasant levels of personal hygiene which are offensive to others.

• Any other clothing deemed not to be neat and tidy by SKYCITY Darwin Security personnel.

Please note that SKYCITY Management reserves the right to refuse or approve entry to any person at any time.

Please note the following:

  • The use of mobile phone cameras or any form of image recording, are not to be used in gaming areas.
  • It is also a requirement of the Casino that mobile phones cannot be used at or near a gaming table however can be used for conversation purposes if standing well clear of the gaming tables.
  • Large bags or brief cases must also be checked in at the Security Podium desk at the Casino Main Entrance.

Please note that SKYCITY Management reserves the right to admit or refuse entry to any person at any time.

Management’s expectation is that customers utilising the following facilities, Evoo Restaurant, il Piatto Restaurant, Dragon Court Restaurant, Cove Restaurant, Sandbar and Lotus Bar will wear a higher standard of smart casual attire.

If you are unsure of any of the above points, please speak with one of our Security Officers.