With gaming being a core component of SKYCITY Darwin, it is our belief that Host Responsibility is both good for business, because it is consistent with having a sustainable operation and most of all, the right thing to do.

We are aware that our business has the potential to contribute to negative social impacts in relation to both problem gambling and excessive alcohol consumption.

In line with our determination to contribute responsibly as a corporate citizen we are serious in our efforts to address these.

We have introduced a number of Host Responsibility initiatives to address problem gambling:

Staff Training

All SKYCITY Darwin staff, irrespective of their areas of operation, receive training in Host Responsibility, ranging from an introductory level of training for back-of-house staff, to specialist advanced training in the identification and handling of problem gambling for senior front-of-house staff and management. Training modules are developed in consultation with senior problem gambling treatment providers.


SKYCITY Darwin offers a self-exclusion option to customers who believe they may have a gambling problem. Under this option, customers volunteer to exclude themselves from entering SKYCITY Darwin.

Find out more about our self exclusion policy.

Unattended children

SKYCITY Darwin does not tolerate children to be left unattended on any part of its property and regards all incidents of this nature extremely seriously.

  • Staff are required to report to Security any incident where it is apparent that a child has been left unattended by their guardian or caregiver.
  • Security Officers intervene and take all practicable steps to locate an adult responsible for an unattended child. In every case where negligence is suspected, our immediate action upon locating children is to contact the Police and elevate the incident to a police matter and the patron may be barred from the SKYCITY Darwin property.
  • Security Officers regularly patrol the SKYCITY Darwin environs to detect any unattended children in parked vehicles.

Referrals to treatment providers

All customers who elect the self-restriction option or contact SKYCITY Darwin about gambling problems are actively encouraged to contact appropriate treatment providers for help and support.

Find out more about treatment providers.

Stickers on gaming machines and ATMs

All electronic gaming machines and ATMs at SKYCITY Darwin display problem gambling helpline telephone numbers.

"The secret to winning is knowing when to stop" awareness campaign.

"Go easy ... Gambling with more than just money?" educational campaign.

Information campaigns for customers that include posters, wallet cards and brochures, detailing the signs of problem gambling and where to seek help, are prominently displayed throughout our complex.

Clocks in gaming areas

Clocks are on display at all SKYCITY gaming venues.

Responsible service of Alcohol

SKYCITY's Responsible Service of Alcohol policy includes a compulsory training programme for all staff. Staff involved in Security, Food and Beverage, Gaming and Customer Service are given the skills and knowledge to provide a safe, enjoyable and responsible environment for customers.

Responsible Marketing and Advertising policy

SKYCITY Darwin is a responsible gaming operator which does not deceive or mislead people. We comply with the national Advertising Standards Authority and its regulatory authority guidelines for responsible marketing and advertising of its facilities, which include:

  • Promotions that are conducted responsibly and are not designed to induce patrons to either drink or gamble to excess
  • Advertising that is not false, deceptive or misleading and complies with the Australian Association of National Advertisers Code of Ethics and the SKYCITY Darwin Responsible Advertising Code of Practice
  • Advertising that does not target persons that might be considered at risk of developing gambling problems.

Standards of Behaviour

Should a person be detected intoxicated, abusing or threatening staff or other customers, causing conflict with other customers or staff, or otherwise behaving in a manner which affects the peace or comfort of other patrons, then SKYCITY Darwin staff will take appropriate steps to stop the behaviour, including, in appropriate circumstances, having the customer escorted from the premises.

Any customers detected loan sharking or begging will be required to leave SKYCITY Darwin. In some instances, SKYCITY Darwin may also bar the customer from the premises.

Host Responsibility Management

At SKYCITY Darwin, we have a specific Host Responsibility and Compliance Manager who can be contacted on +61 8 8943 8820 or hostresponsibility@skycitydarwin.com.au.