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Cash Express 


Fort Knox 




Players Paradise


Lock It Link $5,000.00

The majority of gaming machines at SKYCITY Darwin now operate on Ticket in Ticket Out system (TITO).

What is TITO?

  • TITO is an acronym for Ticket In Ticket Out
  • TITO refers to the ticket produced by a gaming machine instead of cashing out coins

How does TITO Work?

  • Insert cash into a gaming machine and begin to play
  • When you are ready for break or want to finish, press COLLECT and a ticket will be printed with the collected credit amount
  • This ticket can either be inserted into another machine for continuted play OR redeemed for cash at an eCash machine or at the cashier.

See our friendly hosts at the Premier Rewards desk for more details.

Updated:22 November 2016