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Money Wheel

Money Wheel is the easiest of casino games, made popular in old movies, traditional fairs and side shows. Just step up to the Money Wheel and go for a spin! You could walk away with an exciting 47-1 payout!

What is the objective of the game?

Choose any section on the wheel. If the wheel stops at your section after the spin, you win. Your payout depends on the odds for your section.

What are the odds?

The Money Wheel odds are clearly displayed on the table. Odds are in proportion to the number of equal value sections on the wheel.

The more sections showing a particular value, the smaller the odds. Likewise, the fewer sections for a particular value, the greater the odds.

For example, if the minimum bet is $2 and you wagered $2 on a section showing eleven, you would win eleven $2 chips (worth $22) if the wheel comes to rest on that section.


Download our 'how to play' Money Wheel guide.

Please gamble responsibly.

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