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The oldest of casino games, roulette is all about chance. It has a slower pace, with the elegance of times gone by. Players place their bets, often changing their minds, while the roulette wheel spins. The classic sound of the ball circling the wheel and the croupier calling "no more bets" signals the result is near.

How do I play?

Simply place your chips where you choose on the table until the croupier halts betting. When the ball comes to rest, the croupier announces the winning number and places a marker on it.

How can I keep track of my chips?

Before playing, you'll need to purchase Colour Chips from the croupier. These different coloured chips help distinguish your bets from those of the other players. Remember coloured chips purchased on a table are only valid on that particular table.

Where do I place my chips?

This table illustration shows how and where you place your chips on the table depending on which type of bet you wish to make. Care must be taken as positioning may alter bet type.

Bet types

(A)Straight Up: Choose any one number or zero (pays 35 to 1)
(B) Split: Choose any two numbers (pays 17 to 1)
(C) Corner: Choose any four numbers (pays 8 to 1)
(D) Street: Choose any three numbers across (pays 11 to 1)
(E) Sixline: Choose any two rows of three across (pays 5 to 1)
(F) Dozen: Choose 1st (1-12), 2nd (13-24) or 3rd (25-36) dozen numbers (pays 2 to 1)
(G) Column: Choose 1st, 2nd or 3rd column (pays 2 to 1)
(H) Even Money Bets: Low (1 to 18) or High (19 to 36), Red or Black, Odd or Even numbers all pay even money


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Please gamble responsibly.

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