Get your hands on these Dermalogica products, now available for purchase from the Lagoon Day Spa!


precleanse oil-busting emulsifyer
special cleansing gel gentle foaming cleanser
dermal clay cleanser purifying, invigorating cleanser
essential cleansing solution creamy, nourishing cleanser
clearing skin wash breakout clearing foam
ultracalming cleanser gentle cleansing cream
skin resurfacing cleanser smoothing exfoliating cleanser
soothing eye make-up remover super gentle gel
the sponge cloth super gentle cloth


daily superfoliant resurfacing, anti-pollution powder exfoliant
daily microfoliant gentle, brightening polisher
exfoliating face brush deep-cleansing bristles
daily resurfacer leave-on, brightening exfoliant
multivitamin thermafoliant heat-activated scrub
gentle cream exfoliant super-smoothing masque
skin prep scrub refining power scrub


Stress positive eye lift de-puffing eye treatment and masque
charcoal rescue masque all-in-one, detoxifying treatment
skin hydrating masque refreshing, cooling gel
stress positive eye lift de-puffing eye treatment and masque
skin refining masque clarifying, deep-cleansing clay
sebum clearing masque breakout preventing clay
multivitamin power recovery masque nutrient-rich rescue