NT Keno Administration
GPO Box 3846
Darwin NT 0820

Telephone: 8943 8770
Email: info@ntkeno.com.au


For Results

Results for NT Keno are not available online. You can check your ticket at any NT Keno venue.

If you are no longer in the Northern Territory, please provide a scanned copy of your ticket ensuring the following details are legible:

  • 16 digit serial numbers located below the barcode at the top of the ticket
  • Date and time purchased
  • Venue ticket purchased from
  • Number of games played ie. 10 games: 100 - 109
  • Total cost of ticket

Your ticket will be checked and you will be notified on what to do if there are any wins.

Please DO NOT discard your NT Keno ticket as it will be required should you be holding a winning ticket. As printed on the back of the NT Keno ticket: "Prizes shall be paid upon presentation of the original tickets within twelve (12) calendar months of the date of purchase"