Important points to remember

  • Actual numbers drawn on the game draw selection device shall be the official numbers drawn.
  • NT Keno winnings are paid out on the printed receipt ticket only and can be claimed through any NT Keno terminal up to 365 days after the bet has been placed.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to check their ticket. Please check your NT Keno ticket carefully, be sure it is correctly marked. Any corrections must be made before the close of the current game.
  • NT Keno results are not official until all numbers are drawn and confirmed.
  • Exposing the NT Keno receipt ticket to excessive heat may cause discolouration resulting in the entry becoming invalid. (Thermal paper is used)
  • This website is only intended to be an abbreviated guide to certain aspects of NT Keno in the Northern Territory. All games of NT Keno are subject to the Approved Rules of Keno, which may be amended from time to time. A copy of the ‘Approved Rules of Keno’ is available from any NT Keno venue in the Northern Territory.
  • Should you require any further information or explanation about NT Keno, just ask any of our friendly NT Keno staff.