NT Keno 10 Spot biggest's its ever been

The NT Keno 10 Spot Jackpot is the highest it has ever been in it's history, sitting at over $2.5 million.

The NT Keno 10 Spot Jackpot was last won in Darwin in May 2011 after reaching $1,818,526.60. The winner remains anonymous and still resides in the city.

Prior to the current amount the highest the NT Keno 10 Spot Jackpot has reached is $2,139,505.20 which was won on 3rd November 2006.

2009 appears to be a very lucky year for NT Keno 10 Spot players when the jackpot was won three times within a five month period.

When the 10 Spot Jackpot is won, it resets at $1 million.

Date: September 2012