What better to do on balmy Sunday afternoons in the tropics than come on down to SKYCITY for our new promotion FEELING HOT, HOT, HOT! 2pm - 6.45pm

Exclusive to Premier Rewards members!

We have HOURLY DRAWS for $1,000 CASH from 2pm until 6pm. Entry tickets are 10 points per ticket . Points can be earned by playing gaming machines or table games on the day from 7am onwards. Maximum of 10 tickets can be earned.

You also get the chance to win a $1,000 LUCKY TIME JACKPOT if you're playing on a gaming machine using your Premier Rewards card between quarter past and quarter to the hour: 2.15pm - 6.45pm.

The best thing is that every Sunday TEN members are guaranteed to win $1,000! 

Talk to our Premier Rewards team for more details!